Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 3: Entry 3: Revving up

Next week, we start the technical rehearsals. So in many ways, this is the last week of 'comfort'. Not that there's been much 'comfort'! Our rehearsals in general have been pretty full-on. While we've continued to have the 'fun' advocated by our director on Day 1, we don't let up much. And yet the knowledge that the comfort zone of 'play' is nearing an end means that I, as an actor, am experiencing a different quality of energy.

And I don't think it's just me. The Publicity machine, under the auspices of Janice Bisgaard, has kicked into fast and furious action with a series of preview interviews, publicity blitzes at the Farmers' Market in Davis tomorrow morning starting at 6.45am (I hope this show will appeal to the early risers), and publicity campaigns. Budgets are being scrutinised; the painting on the set and floor cloth are under examination; the work on the puppets is finessing; the music is having various final tweaks; and details are under the microscope. Circus colours are appearing on the set pieces. Line notes are intense under the key eye of Sabba. And technical schedules are firming up.

The subtle ratcheting up of energies is exciting and energising. And the need for relaxation (the first tool in Stanislavsky's toolkit) is even more important... Maybe Sunday by a lake...

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